Real Estate Professionals

Nautilus Realty

Nautilus Realty & Management Co. was formed in Welaka, Florida in 1984 and has been a continuously active Real Estate Brokerage since that time. Our 8 active associates offer all aspects of Real Estate expertise for your convenience. 

 * We assist with the sale or purchase of homes, condominiums or vacant land. 

 * We are qualified to handle all residential and commercial properties. 

 * We are Multiple Listing Service members offering a variety of locations to prospective     Buyers and Sellers.

 * We are members of NEFAR (North East Florida Association of Realtors).

 * We lease or rent both short term and long term rentals for those wishing to stay in         Welaka.

 * We enjoy working for those homeowners who wish us to manage their properties in       our Property Management Division.


Nautilus Realty Office:          386-467-9700                                                                                         Fax:           386-467-8822                                                                                       Email:       

Broker:               Lenore (Kiwi) Toole              386-559-3152

Salespeople:       Pamela Bryant                    386-336-3537                                                                  Jodi Chapman                     904-504-4622                                                                 Ellen McCoy                       386-559-1003                                                                 Nancy Menard                     386-467-9920                                                                 Linda Parker                        386-559-1948                                                                Lynne Stevens                     386-467-0003                                                                 Don Taylor                           386-467-3274                             

We look forward to hearing from you